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Sign petition to end complicity with Israeli Apartheid!

Do you live, work or study in Sheffield? If so, please read, sign and circulate this petition today – we must reach our target of 5,000 signatures in a fortnight!

The people of Gaza have been under barbaric genocidal attacks for weeks. Over 30,000 people have been killed – 11,000 of them are children. Yet still there is no ceasefire.

In the West Bank, Palestinians continue to to be forcibly removed from their homes and face daily threats from settlers and the military. Over 7,000 Palestinians are detained in Israeli jails, without charge or trial.

It’s time for Sheffield City Council to show leadership once more. We call on Sheffield City Council to declare our city an Israeli Apartheid-free zone and to issue a statement of solidarity with Palestinian people.

Don’t bank on Barclays!!

Barclays is bankrolling Israel’s genocidal assault on Palestinians through its financial ties with arms companies that sell weapons to Israel.

We’re calling on all concerned people to boycott all Barclays services until the bank ends its complicity in Israel’s attacks on Palestinians.

IN SHEFFIELD, we are camping outside Barclays for 24 hours to draw attention to their complicity with genocide and to continue our demand for an Israeli Apartheid Free Zone in this great city.

Let’s not forget Sheffield’s great tradition of solidarity – from the anti slavery sugar boycott in the 1850s, solidarity with Chilean refugees in the 1970s and South African anti apartheid campaign in the 1980s when Barclays were boycotted before and paid the price!!

The council MUST act now!

For 8 days two Palestinian women camped outside the Town Hall supported by many hundred of Sheffield people – who came to visit or stay with them throughout the day and night. They had three clear demands.

Lean (right) and Sahar (left) with Tyneside supporter Annabelle during the camp

The one demand in our grasp at a local level was that the council declare Sheffield an Israeli Apartheid Free zone and take action to ensure none of its operations can have ties with Israel. Please read this to find out what this means and what you can do.

On February 7th hundreds of people will take action for Gaza in their workplace while the council meets in full for the first time this year. In the wake of the ICJ ruling, surely it is time for the council to act:

Apartheid Free Zone now in Sheffield!

(Press release 30th January 2024)

Excellent boycott action Saturday Feb 3rd

Over 100 people took part in a vibrant boycott action in Sheffield today: prepared with songs and good voice over 50 walked through Waitrose singing various boycott songs, including the new Cokebusters!

The crowd then moved on to Aldi – their staff did not seem to mind too much; Waitrose meanwhile had blocked all the isles and called the police – who remained at a respectful distance and enjoyed the concert.

Actions this Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd Feb

On Friday, a vigil for Palestine with HealthCare workers for Palestine. On Saturday a boycott action. Details in images below

Boycott actions are a way of engaging people directly, talking to them about how their own purchasing choices can make an impact and hep bring them to account for their actions. Please joins us this Saturday.

This weekend 26th and 27th Jan

Friday 26th January:
🇵🇸 5pm. Join our protest outside Sheffield train station, calling for Ceasefire Now!

🇵🇸 6.30 pm. Health workers 4 Palestine will once again hold a vigil for all health workers massacred by Israel: all welcome, outside Sheffield Town hall.

Saturday 27th January:
📢 Building the Boycott 📢
🇵🇸 12.30 pm: join us for a local Boycott action: assemble outside Sheffield Town hall;

🇵🇸 2pm. After the action, come to the BDS workshop at the Central United reform church S1 2JB to discuss and plan effective ways to build the campaign to make Sheffield an Israeli Apartheid free city.

🇵🇸 Note: the next national demonstration in London will be Saturday 3rd Feb.

Sheffield to Palestine: Justice Now Camp

From 5th January to 13th January 2024 please visit and support the Justice Now Camp in front of the Town Hall.

Horrified by the complicity of the UK government and silence form MPs and councillors, in spite of the ceasefire motion passed some weeks ago, Palestinian women in Sheffield , supported by Sheffield Coalition against Israeli Apartheid, will be demanding action and camping outside the town hall.

We demand:

1/ Sheffield council to declare Sheffield an Israeli Apartheid Free Zone
2/ That the UK government investigate British citizens who have joined the Israeli Defence Force and bring criminal charges and cease it’s support for the Israeli army
3/ There is an immediate ceasefire , an end to the occupation, and a just political solution based on an end to discriminatory apartheid policies, settler-colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

You can read why the camp has been set up here and you can see updates about the camp here