Template letter for Alumni

Below is a template email to be sent to the alumni office of Sheffield University to point out their lack of care for the wellbeing of Palestinian students

Email: giving@sheffield.ac.uk, alumni@sheffield.ac.uk

Dear Alumni Relations Team, 

As a former student of the University of Sheffield, I write to you with profound concern and dismay regarding the absence of a public statement or evident action by the University of Sheffield concerning the wellbeing of students and alumni impacted currently by the ongoing war on Gaza. In particular, there has been no public response to the open letter sent to University leadership on the 7th February, from over 20 past and current Student Union Sabbatical Officers. 

Their letter can be found here. In their letter they requested.

 1. Duty of Care to Alumni: The University must provide confirmation that they have actively reached out to each alumnus from the University’s Gaza scholarship programme, especially considering the current war situation.

2. Support for Alumni in the UK and Palestinian students currently studying at the University of Sheffield: The University to extend comprehensive support, particularly with immigration matters. This includes advocating for and assisting with family reunification visas, enabling their families to join them in the UK under these distressing circumstances.

3. Alumni Outside the UK: The University establishes and maintains communication, ensuring they are safe and supported as needed.

4. Prospective Scholars from Gaza, and current Students stuck in Gaza:  The University provides full support in terms of immigration assistance, covering the full costs of necessary procedures. Additionally, for the university to confirm the future status of the Gaza scholarship programme.

Having been proud of the University, and its annual scholarship to students from Gaza since 2013, I am profoundly concerned about the welfare of current students and our fellow alumni and their families from Gaza, and horrified by the University’s silence on this issue. Now more than ever it is vital for the University to uphold and support the right to education for Palestinians who are living through an avoidable humanitarian catastrophe. I do not feel comfortable making any new or further donations to the University, until there is assurance that the University is maintaining its duty of care to all students and alumni from Gaza.

I look forward to your response addressing my concerns. 

Yours faithfully,