Demanding the right to roam from John O’Groats to Tel Rumeida

Loch BadanlochOur comrade and ex-Sheffield resident, Arwa,  took 49 children from the hill of Tel Rumeida down into the Old City to celebrate Caroline Poland’s achievement of her Right to Roam walk
Caroline’s walk has been undertaken to show solidarity with those who live under the most repressive situations within Palestine, especially in the West bank, Jerusalem and walking in HebnronGaza.
Children going through a checkpoint
Children going through a checkpoint

Arwa, to achieve this short walk into Shuhada Street, had to cross two of the most notorious checkpoints where nine people have been killed in the last six months. The excitement of doing this simple walk shows in the children’s faces. Normally they have to stay inside because of the volatile situation.

Whose is the crime?

in the cage on palestinina prisoners day
In solidarity with the 800,00 people imprisoned by Israel since 1967. Their ‘crime’ was to fight against the occupation

Since 1967, 800,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned by the Israeli authorities.  In Sheffield on Saturday a rally in front of the Town Hall was visually helped by use of a wire cage for visual effect. Blindfolded and kneeling, city centre shoppers had to think about more than Topshop.

Remembering Palestinian Prisoners Day, Sheffield 16 April 2016

Stories from Women in Palestine

Northern Women for Palestine comprises a group of activists who work to stage events across the north of England around International Women’s Day.

Mahasin Arwa Reem Zayneb and Kholoud in Bradford
Mahasin Arwa Reem Zayneb and Kholoud in Bradford pictured together during the WOMEN OF PALESTINE: LIVING THROUGH TRAUMA, BUILDING RESILIENCE series of events

They connect the struggle of Palestinian women to the wider movement for justice and rights for all women. The latest visit involved events in Manchester, Saddleworth, Sheffield, York, Hebden Bridge, Bradford and Halifax.

The women pictured above have written about their experience for the Morning Star. We reprint it here.

Arwa’s story

Kholoud’s story

Zayneb’s story

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