About Sheffield PSC

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign is a campaigning organisation committed to

  • putting on events to increase understanding of Palestine and its culture
    • encouraging local people to get involved
    • we are a cross-section of the Sheffield community reflecting the diversity of people in Sheffield

Sheffield PSC had its first meeting in 1968 just after the 1967 war.  It formed as an organisation in 1987.  It is one of the larger more active branches in Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  We work with many local and national bodies including Stop the War Coalition and Jews For Justice in Palestine.

Our members support the Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund.  There are horrendous obstacles for young Palestinian girls getting a good education.  This local charity raises money to give them a chance for a good education.

Each year we work with the Showroom cinema to put on a series of films about Palestinian oppression, resistance and culture.  The project is called Cinema Palestino.

Report 2013

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campiagn report from February 2013 explaining our campiagns, activities and how we spend the money we raise is available here

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