Emergency Relief fund report

One week after the war on Gaza started, Musheir -El Farra, chair of Sheffield PSC and his son Qasem, had managed to build a network of contacts to ensure they could distribute essentials for displaced people.

In between documenting the terrible damage to families and the place around them, these two brave Sheffielders set to work in order to make sure the funds you raised were put to good use.

Below are a series of entries from whatsapp messages Musheir sent us since October 13th.

On the night of 22nd October, Musheir’s cousins were killed by F16 air strikes. A terrible and exhausting night. But he continued to provide support the following day.

In all at least 747 families have been helped .

We copy all of his messages below for transparency. (Some detail has been removed for confidentiality)

Thank you Sheffield!

13th October

So far managed to secure support to 10 families (200 IS £45 each)in Khan Younis town and camp. Will try to reach more devastated areas later today.  Thousands of families are in desperate need of support

Just about to leave to a whole saler to provide 10 more  food parcels for very needy families, this brings the number so far to 20 families. The names were picked from a  list of needy people on Palestine Vanguard data base.

At the wholesaler ; preparing food parcels ( very impressive ones; according to the owner,twice the normal amount, see the photo with two blue bags). They include  Two kg of Rice, 4 tins of Corned beaf, 4 packets of Pasta,Two kg of  lintels , 7 tins of Broad Beans,one kg salt , 2 kg ofsugar, tea, 3 Litres of vegitable , 7 packets of white cheese, Tahini, Two tins of Apricot Jam,  and 100 tea bags. 15 families are waiting , I told them that this is a PRESENT from your friends in Sheffield Britain. I will not film them. Other photos are for volunteers preparing the parcels.  This arrangement will ensure that we will provide support for very needy families without any crowding from neighbours  and chaos if we go to the houses.

12 more families will receive their food parcels tomorrow at 11 AM.  Thanks for your generous support

The number for tomorrow increased to 15 families tomorrow at 11 AM. Some of them are from Beit Hanoun, at the very north of the Gaza Strip. The number so far is 41 families

14th October

43 more families among the most needy will receive food parcels.  Please thank everyone for their support.

They will receive thier parcels tomorrow

15th October

So far I managed , on  your behalf to secure food parcels for 179 families and counting;  in Khan Younis, Bani Suhaila , Mae’in ,  31 to the Beach camp in n Gaza, 5 to Al Zawaida in the middle of the Gaza Strip. This comes to $8950 , approx. £7300. 

18th October

More support for families from Sheffield PSC

Some as far as Jabalia, Gaza city , Shijaiyah shekh Ridhwan.

Many out of these names are cancer patients who are in desperate need of food and help.  

The number of families which we supported so far is 233 families.

Total amount is $11,640 plus $1440 for the batteries.

22 October

Help was given this morning by donations from Sheffield PSC and friends to 28 displaced families in Khan Younis.

$50 a family  They had to leave their homes under bombing or the threat of bombing. Families from as far as El Shati camp, Gaza city, Rafah, Abasan,Khuza’a and El Qarrara.

We have helped 327 families so far; many more to come in the coming days.

I provided 56 blankets for families from Abasan and Khuza’a who were displaced to Khan Younis.

Real difficult circumstances for these women; it was really difficult to distribute as they were desperate for the blankets.  I will continue with distribution of blankets as a second line of support

23rd October

Support this morning for 16 more families, most of them were forced to leave their homes under bombing and are sheltering in Khan Younis.

My heart is bleeding for the loss of my beloved relatives Hatim  and Aziz and their families but we carry on

26th October

Dear all: on your behalf and because of your generous donations , I managed yesterday  to provide 102 families  with food parcels.

This brings the number we have supported to 445 so far. Thanks for your humanity.

30th October

Dear all: 138 food parcels were distributed today on behalf of Sheffield PSC and donations from kind friends worldwide , 11 families were given cash to families plus 60 blankets.  Thanks for your humanity.

We give the parcels as a PRESENT from you; we tell people that we respect what they are going through. You will notice many families from Shijaiyah in Gaza received support. Also from Al Mawasy.

1st November

As a result of generous donations , we managed during the last three days, we delivered  164  food parcels to needy families from allover the Gaza Strip who had to flee the bombing in the north and locals from Khan Younis