This page is about emergency relief in the face of the destruction in Gaza from the Israeli onslaught since October 2023.

There are a number of ways you can help. Please read your options below. We recognise some people may wish to channel their help in a variety of ways.

1.Emergency relief fund

As a result of the terrible destruction in Gaza inflicted by the Israel army and air force since October 2023 we have set up an emergency relief fund via Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

We were able to send this to Musheir El Farra (pictured above in Gaza), who is a UK citizen and lives in Sheffield but who was in Gaza when the war started. He was able to assemble a network of people in order to co-ordinate relief work – food parcels shelter and clothing – for displaced families. This trusted network has continued its work throughout the genocide and while they can and the need remains, we will continue to use the fund in this way.

While he is able to do this we will collect money this way. Please mark your transfer ‘Emergency relief’:

  • Account name – Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Account sort code – 05 08 03
  • Account number – 21639516

Fund update: you can read reports on how the funds raised have been used here

2. Sheffield Palestine Cultural Exchange (SPaCE)

Sheffield Palestine Cultural Exchange (SPaCE) is a registered charity that helps children in Gaza and the Occupied Territories by both providing funds to improve health play and cultural facilities and by raising awareness in Sheffield of the living conditions faced by young people living in Gaza and the Occupied Territories.

Gaza is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. International humanitarian organisations are warning that a major famine is imminent and the lives of children are particularly vulnerable. Israeli bombardments have led to the near total destruction of homes, hospitals, water supply, schools and universities.

Our normal work cannot be carried out: the Children’s Centres no longer function. So, given these extraordinary circumstances, SPaCE has decided to support an established and trusted Emergency Aid distribution network providing  basic essentials, including food, hygiene kits for women, children’s clothing,  nappies, blankets, plastic sheeting for shelter and other such simple provisions to help sustain life.  

SPaCE will provide regular updates on the emergency relief it provides.

To contribute to its work please use either the Give As You Live fundraising page or direct via a bank transfer as follows:

  • Account name: Sheffield Palestine Cultural Exchange
  • Account sort code: 05-08-18
  • Account number: 33129312

3. Other ways to help

We recognise some of you may wish to help through other channels and we recommend Medical Aid for Palestinians. They have an emergency fund.