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International Women’s Day: Solidarity Camp, 8th March

Following on from our other justice now camps, there will be camp a further Peace and Justice Now Camp in order to celebrate International Women’s Day to stand in solidarity with Palestinian Women.

Please join us :

Sheffield Peace Gardens on Friday 8th March between 3pm and 8pm

  • 2.45 establish our ‘Peace & Justice Now’ Camp in Peace Gardens
  • From 3pm: Decorating the ‘Peace & Justice Now’ Camp….
  • Activities for children & adults with Sheffield Creative Action for Peace (including making Birds of Gaza)
  • 3.30pm Tadhamon Solidarity Choir
  • 4pm Students arrive, marching from campus with their Birds of Gaza
  • 4.15pm Sahar & Lena, with Janet & June: song for children killed in Gaza:
  • Yoma mweil el hawa.
  • 4.45 – 5pm: poetry and song from Seni Seneviratne, inc poems by Hiba Abu Nada – a poet who was killed with her son in October
  • 5 pm Reading by Sahar of ‘The Shawl of Grief’
  • 5.15-6pm Open session: Contributions from women & girls of song & poetry for Palestine welcomed, especially a poem from 11 year old Amna Khan.
  • 6pm Light up the Peace Gardens: Bring night lights/candles & flags
  • 6.30pm Special guest from Gaza: Dr Mona El Farrah
  • And Health Workers for Palestine Vigil
  • 7.30 – 8pm Singing and close of camp

Please circulate these flyers

A Voice from Palestine, 6th Jan @ 6pm

January 6th at 6.00 Christ Church Pitsmoor, S3 9AQ

Gather together on the Feast of the Epiphany to sit with our crib scene on it’s last day in Church, and take time to listen to the voice of Palestine, as spoken by Revd. Munther Isaac. Light a candle. Hold the Palestinian people in thoughts or prayers.

While the gathering will be in a Pitsmoor Church listening to words recorded in a Bethlehem one, we see the event as open to people of all faiths and none. The cause at this time is just this one small way to ensure we listen, one small gathering to show our solidarity.
Bring your flags.

#ceasfirenow camp news year’s eve – timetable

See below for the timetable of the #ceasefirenow camp

Please encourage your friends and comrades to come and share the image on the left on insta

More about the camp and our demands can be found here

MeditiationShort silent meditation on peace
7pmPalestinian poemsPoetry reading in Arabic and English
8pmFoodPlease bring some food to share
9pmProcessionGetting noisy now – procession round the park
10pmMessages from PalestineReadings of messages from Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank
11pmPalestinian songCome and learn a Palestinian song and sing with us
MidnightPalestinian danceDance dabke with us and celebrate Palestinian resistance

Cinema Palestino 2023

We are really pleased to announce that in partnership with Showroom Cinema, we are showing The Stranger, Sunday 11 Dec 4pm Cinema Palestino at the Showroom.

In occupied Golan Heights, a desperate unlicensed doctor subverts his village’s expectations when he accidentally encounters a wounded soldier from the war in Syria:


You can download the leaflet here

It is 74 years since the Nakba: a word that measn catastrophe and signifes the expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinians from thier homeland. It is a word Israel has banned from the education syllabus as it reveals the truth of what happened in 1948.

To commemorate the Nakba in 2022 Sheffield PSC will be screening two films at the Yemeni Community Centre on May 13th at 7pm

We will also be holding a rally on Saturday 14th May in Sheffield Town centre at midday in front of the Town Hall, where in collaboration with Badil, we will be joining in a worldwide event to light the Torch of Return.

You can read a strong statement from Badil on the ongoing resistance to the occupation and the meaning of the Nakba here