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Nov 26th fundraiser – huge thanks

On Sunday we had the most special night raising nearly £5000 for emergency relief in Gaza.

Wonderful solidarity singing followed by fabulous food – some cooked by the amazing Sahar and some donated by generous business people around Sheffield and Rotherham ( see below)

We also showed a moving tribute to the samud of Gaza’s fishing community who in spite of the threat from Israeli gunboats would go out every day to fish. Thy have of course now lost all their boats and fishing equipment after the bombing of Gaza port.

The money raised means nearly 12000 people can be given meals.

Contributors from Sheffield and Rotherham

Many thanks to all these people without whose help this would not have been possible

  • Elif, Wickersley : Turkish bread, tzatziki, humous
  • Ismael , Diyafa : meat stew
  • Laoui, Shaz : falafel
  • Professor Shahd Salha, Mums United: falafel, humous, salad
  • Sarah Latif, Bake.BakeBake (instagram) : Nutella filled cookies
  • Mohmmead Ayub, Kebabish : rice and helping us serve throughout the night
  • Arfan, Imran’s diner: pizzas, and cans of drink
  • Abdelrahman, Damascus Bakery: baklawa
  • Ahmad: spinach, cheese pastries and sausage rolls
  • Tia at Tia’s Treatz (instagram) : Russian Honey Cake
  • Nada Muflih: tabbouleh, humous, and couscous
  • Sheffield Bakery: flatbreads

Sheffield demands “Ceasefire Now!”

On November 11th, at lest 10 coaches, put on by various organisations, went from Sheffield to London; meanwhile at least 1500 people marched from Ellesmere Green to the Town Hall to demand a ceasefire and an end to occupation preceded by two minutes of silence at Ellesmere Green.

Some very good speeches from people from many different communities exposing the lie of this being a hate march.

We were lucky to start the rally with some magnificent and emotional singing from different Sheffield choirs.

The children are always ours

It was magnificent to welcome back Musheir El Farra who, with his son Qasem, did such a lot of amazing work while they were trapped in Gaza

Telling how it is

Emergency relief report

From October 13th Musheir El Farra chair of Sheffield PSC has sent reports of support he has distributed thanks to your efforts.

You can read the full report so far here (written November 4th)

UPDATE November 20th:

Prices of food in Gaza are now extremely high. The work Musheir has done on the ground has enabled volunteers to access supplies and so far 1831 families have had parcels of food or blankets or clothes.

Every £400 pounds raised will feed 1000 people with rice and lentils. Please support our special solidarity fundraiser.

Council passes landmark motion

Amazing achievement yesterday at Sheffield council meeting through the combined pressure of wonderful work by Sheffield Greens and the relentless, continued protests, letter writing etc by Sheffielders.

The council voted almost unanimously ( only one vote against?) for an immediate ceasefire and a statement that Starmer was wrong to speak about the right of Israel to withold water, food and electricity and should retract.

They also voted to call on UK govt to cease all arms sales to Israel, and to consider joining the Coalition.

The chief exec has to send the whole motion to UK government. Let’s hope that letter is published!

Saturday October 21st Rally

About 3000 people attended a passionate rally to show support for Palestinians on Saturday.

Thanks to @PeakMedia

Heartfelt speeches as the intensification of the ongoing Nakba ( for when has it ever stopped?!) unfolds in front of us, combined with incisive analysis of the complicity of the UK and the USA in the genocide we are witnessing.