Sheffield #justicenowcamp day 6

Busy day at the camp. Visits from former MP Chris Wiilliamson, now from Palestine Declassified and also ex President of Aslef , Tosh McDonald. The solidarity of trades unionists with an anti imperial struggle is hugely welcomed.

The morning was tense as we listened to UN TV as the International Court of Justice proceedings brought by South Africa , now supported by many countries, in bringing the charges of genocide against Israel.

Such a shame that the council did not see this very important international event worthy of a public viewing space.

Here is the very powerful summing up from the South African legal team:

As a result the planned Town Hall singing of boycott songs included the South African National Anthem:

Just as we were celebrating at last a bit of attention from printed local media, we noticed a gross and highly offensive error in the Sheffield Telegraph. Have they sleeping for three months?

Later in the day we had a visit from Paul Blomfield MP for Sheffield Central and this is to be welcomed of course. He has said he would vote against the boycott bill and this he did but this was in step with the Labour leadership. Always expressing sympathetic words on Palestine Paul has never stepped up to use how public voice.

The Sheffield Street Band, as well as he singers came in the afternoon and as the temperature drops it is still busy with people sending love and support with the Samba band picking up the pace.

And finally we were so pleased to get a solidarity visit from Peak Queer Adventures

BUT the question remains when will Sheffield City council declare and apartheid free zone?

  • Chris Williamson and Tosh McDonald visited to show support