Handing in the names IDF enlistees

Justice Now Campers visit the Snig Hill police station in Sheffield to report people who have joined the IDF in contravention of the Foreign Enlistment Act and may have participated in war crimes.

You can try this at your own police station . Also, you can call 101 and ask for progress on INC 546 10 Jan 2024. Here are the names submitted:

  • Peter Lerner (lieutenant colonel)
  • Elon Levi
  • Colonel Richard Hecks
  • Sam Sank
  • Simon Levy
  • Zecharia Deutsch

Simon Levy has submitted videos of himself on social media ransacking a Palestinian woman’s underwear in a typical invasive and sexually exploitative moment. He has also filmed himself declaring that only Hebrew will be taught in Gaza as he stood on the rubble of a school waving an Israeli flag.

Meanwhile Zecharia Deutsch is still holding on to his job at Sheffield University as chaplain while advocating murder to Gazan civilians.

All are in possible contravention of the Foreign Enlistment Act and all should be investigated for possible war crimes.