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Sign up for celebrating Palestine, June 22nd and June 23rd

You might be forgiven thinking, from the name, that small park BIG RUN is just another one of those lung-busting running fundraisers.

It is so much more than that! It is 24 hours of solidarity in a Sheffield open space, it is 24 hours of displaying aspects of what it means to be Palestinian, it is 24 hours of community joy as we take in the momentous achievement of Palestinian people.

This year it will be more so. There will be speakers from Palestine on this years theme – Land and Food ; there will be music and singing and a live zoom , if possible, to Gaza; there will be a solidarity supper, a torch of remembrance, kite flying and much much more.

You can sign up here and find out more about the programme here

Last year, young film makers in Gaza who had received some funding from SPaCE, used footage from the live zoom to make this wonderful film of the closing ceremony: