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Three Days of action this weekend 5th to 7th April

As Israel pleads the ‘most moral army in the world’ has made a terrible mistake when it has killed some white people, let us make sure the voice for Palestine is heard clearly in Sheffield.

When the complicit and racist governments of the West try to unglue themselves from being seen holding the bloody hands of the Israeli government, let us make sure the voice for Palestine is heard clearly in Sheffield.

When Suella Braverman, the arch backer of genocide, declares with no understanding of the deep irony ‘this is the time to stand with Israel if we believe in democracy and human rights’ let us make sure the voice for Palestine is heard clearly in Sheffield.

Join us on

  • Friday at the train station, for a protest and then the weekly moving tribute to the most targeted group of workers, Gazan health workers;
  • on Saturday in front of the Town Hall for a rally at midday
  • on Sunday to cheer on Sheffield Half Marathon runners who are running for Gaza look out for their signs and wave flags: we are suggesting a couple of places 1/ bottom of Knowle Lane as they turn right off Ecclesall Rd South on the way out. Runners will be coming past there from about 9.50 onwards. 2/ Charter Row, near the junction with Fitzwilliam St from about 10.30 onwards.

We shut Barclays down today!

A group of campaigners went in to Barclays at midday today while others set up the 24 hour camp .

Very quickly Barclays management issued a notice to customers apologising for closing the branch “due to circumstances beyond their control” . This is of course not true. It is very much IN their control to disinvest from weapons factories sending arms to Israel. So this notice…

…got replaced quite quickly:

So the doorway is ours for a little while…

After many discussions between four organisations, we are pleased that there will be a launch conference on November 26th, Sheffield Victoria Hall We recognise that Sheffield played an important role in the battle to break South African Apartheid. We aim for Sheffield to play its part in breaking the new Apartheid – the Israeli Apartheid. There is a letter here that anyone can take to their trade union branch, sporting club, study group, and religious group.

A Public meeting 22nd March 7pm

On Saturday we held our regular monthly protest. We were thin on the ground but we gave out a large number of flyers. here.

At the Stop the War protest on Sunday, we had a speaker, who pointed out the Hypocrisy of our politicians. They are gathering evidence for crimes against humanity, now, against Putin’s bloody invasion. Excellent, but what about the crime against Humanity of Apartheid. Israel’s Apartheid has been growing for over 50 years. The West has been rewarding Israel with subsidies and preferential treatment. A system of justice cannot simply be wheeled out to deal with the West’s enemies. Had Israeli leaders been punished with guilty verdicts at an International Criminal Court, it is likely that Putin would believe that such a fate is waiting for him.

This is the meeting we were advertising. We are particularly pleased to welcome Kholoud al Ajarma. She is from the village of Ajjur. The JNF British Park sits on the ruins of her village. When she complained to a British Court, it ruled that she had no standing to complain. It is our first physical meeting in two years, so we are a bit nervous. Please come (unless you have Covid!!)

Saturday’s Protest

On Saturday Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign held its monthly protest. Come along next time 12 noon Sheffield Town Hall first Saturday of the month. We gave out leaflets highlighting the Amnesty report which documents Israeli Apartheid. It is a 274 pages long. It took four years to produce. Join our campaign.We defeated the South African Apartheid, if we work together we can defeat Israel’s Apartheid.

Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians –…/02/israels-system-of-apartheid/