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Commemorate 75th anniversary of the NAKBA , 15th May

Last night’s bombing of Gaza when 12 people were killed is evidence, if any more were needed, that the Nakba continues.

It is also a key reason for us to gather together at the train station to commemorate the Nakba and say clearly that British state and industry complicity must stop .

So please come to the station at 5pm, Monday 15th May

(Picture below is protestors at Elbit near Leicester, making clear we need to close down the Israeli drone factory)

Ongoing Nakba talk 16th May 2023

We are really pleased to be able to welcome Saif Kassis, international advocacy officer for refugee rights organisation, Badil, as part of a UK-wide tour.

Saif will speak at the Showroom 5 on 16th May at 7pm

On the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, Saif will show how through arbitrary arrest, house demolitions, restrictions on movement and denial of access to clean water, the Israeli state ensures the Nakba continues each and every day.

When we meet Saif, we will be able to

  • get an update of the situation from a trusted source
  • hear about Badil’s work and campaigns, especially the importance of the Right of Return
  • find out more about their deeply principled stand in refusing funding from the EU
  • see how we might be able to support them.

Please distribute this leaflet

Sheffield Launch Anti Apartheid Zone

On Saturday four organisations came together to make Sheffield an anti Israeli Apartheid zone, the Sheffield Trades Council, Labour Friends of Palestine, Kairos and Sheffield PSC. This is the first in the country. We hope more cities will adopt a similar position. The speakers were Dr Haider Eid (from Gaza), Manal Shqair (Palestinian recently moved to Scotland) Andrew Feinstein (Ex ANC MP) and Mike Reed from Amnesty international. There were over 83 people at the event. The initiative was very well received.

A powerful exhibition – report on ‘Women of Palestine: the ongoing Nakba’

IWD reportThe International Women’s Day event this year was entitled: ‘Women of Palestine: the ongoing Nakba

2018 is the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, the process of ethnic cleansing and colonisation that continues to this day, so the choice of theme for our events this year was obvious.

A photographic exhibition displayed remarkable UNRWA archive images from the Nakba and Naksa. These images were accompanied by modern-day photos to bring the story up-to-date as well as a film and other media about how these events affected a family from Aida Camp.

You can find the full report and more images here

You will be able to see the photos from this exhibition in the Meersbrook Park Walled Garden on June 16th and June 17th. Please see here for times


Nakba vigil

An emotional address from a number of Palestinians was given in front to the town hall on Saturday 12th May as part of the Nakba vigil in Sheffield.

Re-telling their family stories of escape in 1948 and determination to return – and to remember – showed us how pathetic was the prediction from Ben Gurion – and how stupid its current proponents –  that ‘Palestinians will forget’  .

Palestinians do not forget and nor do their supporters.

The right to remember is indivisible and cannot be demolished however many houses are raised to the ground.

nakba 2018

Bank shut by protest

hsbc protestA great turn out day saw HSBC in Sheffield’s Fargate shut.

Bank security hurriedly closed the doors when they realised boycotteers were going to do an action.

Two of Shefield PSC managed to be in the bank. Meanwhile outside, about 20 others ensured that shoppers and walkers got to understand what the noise was about.

Even HSBC customers locked out of the bank showed awareness and understanding when it was explained how this is similar to the Barclays boycott so many years ago.

Memory and resistance – two events for May


70 years
Never forget the right of return








The Israeli policy of erasing memory is cutural as well as physical. Aside from

the Nakba law, deprives Israeli public institutions, including schools, universities and libraries, of funding should they mark the Nakba, and is aimed at erasing memory.

70 years from the Nakba, let’s defy Ben Gurion’s prediction that while many have died, those alive will not forget.