Sheffield to Palestine: Justice Now Camp

Why we set up the camp

Above: Palestinian women in Sheffield, Lena and Sahar, supported by Hils from the Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

We are Palestinian women living in Sheffield who are horrified, sick and tired of the complicity of the UK government with the genocide Israel is currently carrying out on Palestinian people.

While we recognise that the city council has passed a ceasefire resolution there has since been silence (with honorable exceptions) or outright support for Israel in Sheffield by councillors and by its MPs, in the face of government pressure to dampen support for Palestine.

For all those whom the occupation has killed, for all those who have been injured, for all those who lost their beloved ones for the last 75 years, we want to call our councillors , our MPs and our government to account.

We will be camping outside the Town Hall from 5th January to 13th January and one of us will be on hunger strike from midnight on Sunday 7th January.

We demand:

1/ Sheffield council to declare Sheffield an Israeli Apartheid Free Zone
2/ That the UK government investigate British citizens who have joined the Israeli Defence Force and bring criminal charges and cease it’s support for the Israeli army
3/ There is an immediate ceasefire , an end to the occupation, and a just political solution based on an end to discriminatory apartheid policies, settler-colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

We will be supported by Sheffield Palestine Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid .

We are confident too of the support and friendship of many individuals

You can find out about the progress of the camp here