Sheffield #justicenowcamp day 3

Today Lena Mussa started her hunger strike. She has been buoyed by visit from Labour councillors yesterday and green councillors today (see slides below). As she started her hunger strike she told us

“it is clear what is happening in Gaza is not colateral damage as claimed by Israel but ethnic cleansing, a genocide”.

In a conversation in the morning, both Lena and Sahar expressed extreme disappointment that having both said they would come, Look North and Calendar failed to turn up – ” a clear case of anti-Palestinian racism” they said. But they did get interviewed by the Islam channel.

Later in the day, a delegation of green councillors came to meet with Lena and Sahar to express their support.

Alexi Dimond (Gleedless ward) issued this statement:

Sheffield Green Party Councillors visited the Peace Camp today to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and the campers outside the Town Hall. We are pushing for the Council to reaffirm its historic pledge for Sheffield to be an apartheid-free zone, and for the government to support South Africa’s submission to the ICJ.

  • Distance choir singing this morning
Such has been the interest we have run out of leaflets, so camp support on duty thought they should make the situation clear!