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The Scholarship Fund was set up in 2007 following an International Women’s Day Conference in 2006, where a call was made to support women into education in Gaza. We raise funds for scholarships to pay the university fees of Palestinian women into higher education in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
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Find out about the students we support

This year we are sponsoring 62 students, studying a range of subjects from medicine to law, Arabic to primary education.

SPWSF student signs for her scholarship
SPWSF student signs for her scholarship

2022 was another tough year for our students as they attempted to continue their studies during the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of their studies continue online but with intermittent internet services and access, this has proved a challenging year for them. See our 2023 newsletter below for their latest stories.

We are sponsoring 55 students in the Gaza Strip and seven students in the West Bank. A full list of students is here the students we support

Help us continue our work
If you would like to support the work of the Fund, we would welcome your donations. We are a registered charity, number 1133499. Information on donations and standing orders

The Fund is managed in Sheffield by a small coalition of women working in partnership with the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and in Gaza by a panel drawn from the Board of Directors of the Red Crescent Society and the Union of Health Work Committees. The Fund is administered through Afaq Jadeeda centre in the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank the Fund is administered through a women’s committee in association with the Teachers Creativity Centre.

The Scholarship Fund committee
The Scholarship Fund committee

We are also supported by three sister organisations who raise money for the scholarships; Saddleworth Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund, Bolton Socialist Club, Rotherham Friends of Palestine and Derbyshire Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund.

New Scholarship Fund newsletter: March 2024

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