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Sheffield #justicenowcamp – letter for your MP!

We are urging all Sheffield residents to write to their MPs and insist that their elected representatives visit the camp and listen to Sahar and Lena. Their absence on an issue that has clearly got so much local support is neglectful at best and complicity with genocide at worst.

Some councillors have visited notable the head of the Green Party and some Labour councillors.

You can find a template letter as pdf here and as rtf here

A visit from some Sheffield Labour councillors
Leader of the SCC Green Party Councillors, Doug Johnson (City)

Sheffield #justicenowcamp day 2

A busy day at the camp with constant stream of visitors.

A lovely visit from Sheffield Families for Gaza who set up an Arabic writing workshop, and , one of the highlights, was Tadhamon choir coming to sing, prompting Sahar to do some much loved dabke

We also had group visit from Sheffield councillors and two Church of England priests. All listened hard to both Lena and Sahar and showed support for their stance.

We need Sheffield council to look at the lack of humanity in Gaza just now, the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli state and lack of food and shelter. This is the key symbolism of this camp.

  • Lena holds a Friends Meeting House greeting

Late Sunday night the camp was pleased to welcome visitors from Rotherham and do a short workout as Lena prepares to start her hunger strike on Monday.

Sheffield #justicenowcamp day 1

A massive show of support for the camp as Sheffield Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid marched through the city centre to join the camp.

This support is wider than in Sheffield of course and we are pleased to have had a message from Jeremy Corbyn’ s office:

My greetings, admiration and solidarity. The ethnic cleansing of Gaza must stop, a ceasefire is needed NOW, an end to the occupation and justice for the refugees. The camp is in the great traditions of Sheffield’s international solidarity with oppressed people.

  • Night shift

Sheffield #justicenowcamp day 0

Friday January 5th the camp has been set up.

Sheffield Street Band pay a visit

There has been overwhelming support from visitors and messages of support from afar.

In particular we received a visit from supporters from Rotherham Friends of Palestine Group and Cllr Taiba Yasseen

We had very kind offers of food so much so that we are getting overwhelmed now. So while we recognise people would like to do what they can, please do not bring more food!

However, your presence by a short visit or union delegation especially would be very welcome.

You can also donate to Sheffield Palestine Solidarity’s emergency relief fund for gifts from Sheffield of food parcels, warm clothing for families in Gaza is very welcomed. Please see this web page for how to do that https://www.sheffieldpsc.org.uk/?p=3153

  • Preparing the camp

Sheffield to Palestine: Justice Now Camp

From 5th January to 13th January 2024 please visit and support the Justice Now Camp in front of the Town Hall.

Horrified by the complicity of the UK government and silence form MPs and councillors, in spite of the ceasefire motion passed some weeks ago, Palestinian women in Sheffield , supported by Sheffield Coalition against Israeli Apartheid, will be demanding action and camping outside the town hall.

We demand:

1/ Sheffield council to declare Sheffield an Israeli Apartheid Free Zone
2/ That the UK government investigate British citizens who have joined the Israeli Defence Force and bring criminal charges and cease it’s support for the Israeli army
3/ There is an immediate ceasefire , an end to the occupation, and a just political solution based on an end to discriminatory apartheid policies, settler-colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

You can read why the camp has been set up here and you can see updates about the camp here