Sheffield #justicenowcamp Day 4

Local support but local media

The continued absence of local television at a prolonged event that has clearly garnered much local interest and support is baffling.

In our visitors book, some wonderful and powerful comments; local people speaking out about an issue that is about Sheffield but with international ramifications.

So why have Calendar and Look North not turned up?

If this had been two Ukranian women 18 months ago, the local media would have been down here instantly. Why not for Palestinian women?

Visitors today

Visits from some people from Lebanon in the morning was followed by som Afghanis thi safternoon. They happened on the camp having come to visit thier cousin in Sheffield. They signed the visitor book ‘with love from Afghanistanin’

Then Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign brought warm hats , £100 for the emergency relief fund and many memories (see slides below)

Solidarity to you all . Your fight is our fight Jo, deptuy chair OTJC

The visitor book is brimming with many more supportive comments

“Your visible courageous stand and camp is an inspiration – ceasefire now”

“Thank you for the good work you are doing – I am proud of you”

“Solidarity from Sheffield cyclists”

“Thank you for making a stand – if not us, who will?”

“Thank you Sahar and Lena. Your samud is an inspiration to us all. Thank yiou for taking the fight to the next level. I will be along with my family during the next days to offer our love and support”

“Thank you for all you are doing – I am extremely heartened to see fellow peoplewho are disgusted and horrified by the genocide in Gaza. We must all show up until Palestine is free”

“Absolute shame on the Government and the Opposition that they allow this genocide and horror in silence. I have been a healthworker for 22 years: I call on all healthworkers to speak out and call for a ceasefire!”

  • Healthcare not warfare left by healthcare workers yesterday

How many layers …?

And so to the competition which we said had a serious aspect. It is bitterly cold today and camp support are there for four hours only.

Lena and Sahar are here all the time of course though they move to warm spaces from time to time.

But in Gaza, while it is not so bitter, there is no recourse to warm space, no recourse to comfort, no easy access to showers and soap, clean clothes and hot water. Nearly 2 million people are being forced to live in squalor and when they resist they are deemed to be terrorists: and the UK government is largely silent about this aspect.

So : Angela informs us she had seven layers as follows:

thermal vest, thermal t-shirt, cotton ‘vest’-T, acrylic sweater,
long-sleeve fleece collar, mac w fleece lining, blanket

No winners but the chocolates will be delivered to camp tomorrow. Thank you Nick the wonderful Tidewell cholcatier!