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The Big Riders

mona conducts ride
Mona Al Fara from Middle East Children’s Alliance greets the riders outside Sheffield Town Hall

Last Wednesday about 100 people greeted the 120 riders of the big ride at the Town Hall.

A long wait – their seemed to be a negative time warp as the riders made their way from Meadowhall – and then suddenly they showered in.

The final leg from Barnsley to Sheffield is captured here on You Tube

Pictures from Edinburgh to Sheffield can be found here.


Elbit factory arrests

Sheffield PSC banner outside Elbit
Sheffield PSC banner outside Elbit

Five cars carried 25 people from Sheffield to protest at the Elbit factory in Shenstone near Lichfield.  The factory is an Israeli firm that makes engines for drones.  Drones killed over a thousand Palestinians in Gaza last year.

We went down to close the factory.