Al Asria

This centre is in the Jabalia Refugee Camp, north of Gaza city and home to 104,000 Palestinian refugees. It is run by the Union of Health Work Committees (a medical charity).

Al Aseria Children Play area

The ways in which we support this centre include:

  • Funding the cost of new costumes for the Al Asria folk dance group
  • Funding for a 2 week summer camp for 150 children, including excursions to a fun fair, outfits, activity equipment and meals
  • Organising a dance tour to the UK for 11 children from the Al Asria Centre, more info
  • Funding the cost of a costume for the folk dancing group, for 15 boys and girls
  • Buying books and other educational items for the library project
  • Meeting the cost of musical instruments to enable the centre to set up a children’s choir and orchestra
  • Providing the centre with a modern computer and the cost of a three month computer course for children of different ages.

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