Zechariah Deutsch, an Associate Chaplain at the University of Sheffield and several other universities travelled to Israel to serve as an IDF reservist.

Deutsch sent a video to students stating that “what Israel is trying to do is destroy the evil”. He is an active participant in Israel’s merciless campaign of occupation, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

We charge him with genocide! He has the blood of Palestinians on his hands!

Deutsch has now returned to the UK, and is visiting the universities he is associated with. He has already been to Leeds and now he is planned to visit our campus on this Wednesday.

Our university has done nothing in response to our letters! They have failed to cut ties with this genocidal maniac! STAND WITH US AND SAY NO IDF ON OUR CAMPUS! THE UNIVERSITY MUST CUT TIES WITH DEUTSCH AND BAN HIS PRESENCE!

Join us and say no to war criminals on campus!

Time: Wednesday 14th February 2024, 12:30pm

Location: University of Sheffield, SU concourse

Bring banners and placards. Stay safe and use a face mask!