Nov 11th in Sheffield

Please join us in Sheffield if you are not going to the march in London.

We will start at Ellesmere Green (see below for bus routes) and follow the following route:

Ellesmere Green, Ellesmere Rd, Burngreave Rd, Spital Hill, Wicker, Lady’s Bridge, Waingate, Haymarket, Fitzalan Sq, Esperanto Place
Arundel Gate, Tudor Sq, Surrey St for
Town hall Rally: 12 noon

Bus routes for Ellesmere Green:

Ellesmere Green is on Burngreave Rd, just outside the City centre.
Lots of buses from all over the city stop there: 1, 2a, 5, 32, 75, 76, 83, 88, 97, 98. 20 minute walk from the City centre.