Stop the Jewish National Fund UK – Webinar Series 2021

All Palestinians know that Israel is an apartheid regime. 2021 opened with a reaffirmation of the apartheid nature of the state given by its own leading human rights organisation, B’Tselem. This organisation is following in the footsteps of the definitive report on Israeli apartheid by Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley. The JNF remains an agent of the state of Israel, “100% Israel” in its own words, implementing and advancing Israel’s apartheid agenda to the detriment of the Palestinian people. Our campaign against the JNF continues unabated. Undeterred by the pandemic, our new webinar series offers further opportunities to find out more from international experts about the workings of the JNF and to join with us in our campaign to Stop the JNF.

Guest speakers so far have included Salman Abu Sitta and Uri Davis and in the coming months Michael Fischbach, Richard Falk, Khalil Alamour and Ilan Pappé will be speaking. (Note: events that have already taken place are removed from the listing)

Saturday March 6th at 4.00pm Register here

Michael Fischbach: “Palestinian Refugee Property: Restitution and Claims for Compensation.” Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian land has been continuous since 1948 and is now widely acknowledged.  Pre-1948, around 90 per cent of Palestine was under Palestinian ownership, today that figure is 3 per cent and shrinking. It is however only part of the wholesale plunder on which Israel has been built. In the early years of the Israeli state, more wealth was transferred to it in the form of Palestinian assets than in foreign aid.

The right of return and compensation for the suffering and loss of property and livelihood remain central to realising a measure of justice for the Palestinian people.  Michael Fischbach, a professor of history and author of The Peace Process and the Palestinian Refugee Claims, Addressing Claims for Property Compensation and Restitution, will discuss his research on the history of attempts to address this issue.

Saturday March 20th at 3.00 pm. Our contribution to Israeli Apartheid Week Register here

Richard Falk: “Israeli Apartheid.”  Richard Falk’s and Virginia Tilley’s 2017 report for a major UN body aroused the fury of the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and UN Secretary General Gutteres moved quickly to suppress the report.
Now even a major Israeli human rights group has bowed to the inevitable, the glaringly obvious, and concluded that Israel is a Jewish supremacist state from the river to the sea.

Saturday April 3rd at 4.00 pm:  Register here 

Khalil Alamour: “The Role of the JNF in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Naqab”

Khalil Alamour is a Bedouin Palestinian who lives in Israel. His village is al-Sira, one of the many Bedouin villages in the Naqab which Israel refuses to recognise, depriving people of services. Khalil has called what’s happening there “another Nakba,” as Bedouins are ethnically cleansed to make way for the state’s Judaization plans. JNF UK is a key player in these plans, investing heavily in the region and even describing the Naqab as a politically uncomplicated area, clearly indifferent to the Bedouin whose homes and lives are being destroyed.

Khalil is an attorney, a mathematician and community leader. He also is a member of the Regional Council for Unrecognized Villages and part of the Negev/Naqab Co-existence Forum for Civil Equality. With colleagues, he works to provide welfare projects, which in other societies are the responsibility of the state. He has spoken up for his community at the UN and EU.

Saturday May 8th at 4.00pm Register here

 Ilan Pappé: ” The role of the JNF in the Palestinian Nakba” The Nakba is not an isolated historic event, but an ongoing process. Ilan Pappe will describe the crucial role of the JNF and its leaders in developing the ideology and strategy of ethnic cleansing leading up to 1948. He will also illustrate some of the ways in which the JNF is implicated in the military operations for the expulsion of the Palestinians from their lands and how the JNF thwarted the Palestinian Right of Return.