What’s gone wrong with the Co-op Bank?

Are you closing your co-op account today?
Are you closing your co-op account today?

Many people bank with the Co-op because they think it is ethical.

People stayed loyal to the Co-op Bank during its dark days of scandal and disgrace. People trusted the bank to get it right for customers on the things that matter – values and ethics.

The Co-op Bank has now abandoned its values:

Recently, the Co-op Bank has said it will close twenty accounts. All these accounts support justice for the Palestinian people. Three Sheffield-based accounts are to be shut down:

  • Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • The Yorkshire Palestine Cultural Exchange
  • Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund.

These accounts support our basic civil liberties:

We pride ourselves in Britain on having freedom of speech, the right to protest and the right to support oppressed people in need of our solidarity and aid.

The accounts being shut down all work peacefully, legitimately and in the cause of justice. The Co-op Bank says “No!” to basic civil liberties, to working for justice and to supporting oppressed people in Palestine.

The Bank’s actions insult our integrity and the integrity of the Palestinian people.

We are closing our personal accounts with the Co-op and encourage anyone who believes in justice to do the same.