After the demo What do we do

Today’s attacks on Palestinians are nothing new and, when this wave subsides, Palestinians will still be oppressed and persecuted by Israel within an apartheid regime.

BUT the international outcry is huge, people are with the Palestinians, and we can all make a difference, not just today but for the longer struggle for justice.  The aim of this meeting is to give you a view of Sheffield PSC’s current activities with the idea that others can join those current activities and perhaps make suggestions for new ones.  

  • Welcome: Musheir al Farrah .

Sheffield PSC Chair, is from Gaza, will speak about the importance to Palestinians of solidarity in this country and internationally; the tremendous messages the rallies and solidarity work sent; plus, importance of us sustaining our work when the bombs stop falling because the status quo to which Palestinian return  is apartheid and persecution.

  • Overview of Sheffield PSC: within the broader Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Who we are, our part in a national movement, our links with regional and local groups; our political position – anti racism etc.

  • BDS Stop Arming Israel:
  • Stop the demolitions JCB:
  • Stop the JNF:
  • Student work at Sheffield Uni:
  • Student work at Hallam:
  • Children’s Projects, links with Gaza and socials:
  • Small Park Big Run:
  • The trade unions and solidarity work

Open discussion – We aim for at least 30 minutes for questions from the audience

We are putting on this meeting for you.  If you have questions now or something occurs to you later please raise it in the chat box in the meeting. 

If there is a small group of you that want to discuss specific tactics in a more informal setting, please let us know and we will facilitate such discussion.