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Israeli arms manufacturers look to cash in on the war in Gaza #BDS #Palestine6 days 9 hours ago
US student workers’ union becomes first US labor union to back BDS #BDS #Palestine6 days 9 hours ago
Boycott RE/MAX protests flood the US during Week of Action #BDS6 days 22 hours ago
Can you help the #BDS movement reach new heights in 2015? #BDS6 days 23 hours ago
Big win for student activists at Concordia university #BDS week 1 hour ago
Israeli arms manufacturers look to cash in on the war in Gaza #BDS #StopArmingIsrael #StopElbit1 week 3 hours ago
Sheffield PSC : December boycott action - week 22 hours ago
#BDS is having a bigger impact than ever, but there's so much more we need to do week 2 days ago
UN conference calls for local councils to adopt #BDS measures week 2 days ago
Diana Buttu in NYT: There are no centrists in Israel #BDS1 week 3 days ago

Children's projects

Never Stop Dreaming Centre

The majority of Sheffield PSC money goes to the projects linked to by the menu items on the left.

The idea behind the children's projects started back in 1994 when Sheffield PSC received an appeal from the Union of Health Work Committees for support for the children's library project which they had started at “Al Asria” children centre in Jabalia Refugee camp. Jabalia is the biggest Palestinian refugee camp anywhere in the Middle East, with 120,000 refugees.

New Horizons ball pool

Around the same time, two members from Sheffield PSC and National PSC, Mike Rowson and Musheir El-Farra, visited a few children's centres in the Gaza Strip and nominated two other centres to be part of our fundraising activities for children in Palestine. Recently SPSC helped establish a new centre in Khan Younis called the Never Stop Dreaming Children's Centre.

We currently support three childrens' projects, and a mobile library, each project based in one of the many refugee camps which are found in the Gaza Strip. The four projects try to provide the children and young people who live in the camps with a safe place to play, socialise and to learn.


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