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International Criminal Court founder Cherif Bassiouni defends violation of Israel boycott #BDS #Palestine13 hours 19 min ago
University of Helsinki cancels G4S contract over support for Israeli prisons #BDS #Palestine2 days 9 hours ago
Video: Ali Abunimah on efforts to outlaw Israel boycott in US, Canada #BDS #Palestine3 days 13 hours ago
Understanding the ‘S’ in BDS: It’s time to demand sanctions on Israel #BDS #Palestine3 days 16 hours ago
ICC co-founder Cherif Bassiouni under fire for violating Israel boycott #BDS #Palestine4 days 9 hours ago
Princeton graduate students back Israel occupation divestment by wide margin #BDS #Palestine4 days 17 hours ago
International calls rise for FIFA to suspend Israel #BDS #Palestine5 days 12 hours ago
Sheffield PSC : May and June events - days 14 hours ago
Take action: Tell Brazilian stars to cancel Israel concert #BDS #Palestine1 week 13 hours ago
Check out our round-up of some of the most exciting recent #BDS successes week 16 hours ago

Albert Hall Protests

See video

Activists from around the country including Sheffield gather in the Albert Hall to prevent a smooth performance for the Israeli Philhramonic

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