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Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame has cancelled a scheduled performance in Israel! #BDS hours 27 min ago
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Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth has cancelled a scheduled performance in Israel! #BDS hours 27 min ago
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French firms pulls out of Jerusalem cable car after government warning #BDS #Palestine1 day 11 hours ago
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French firms pulls out of Jerusalem cable car after government warning

Wed, 25/03/2015 - 5:16pm

Palestinian activists today welcomed the news that two French firms, Safege and Puma,  have canceled their participation in a Jerusalem cable car project that aims to connect illegal settlements to Israel after being warned about the legal risks involved by the French finance and foreign ministries​.

Solidarity networks across Europe had urged the two firms to pull out of the deal.

Mahmoud Nawajaa, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), the broad coalition of Palestinian civil society organisations that works to support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, said:

“Safege and Puma has taken the only sensible decision and have avoided participating in Israel’s colonisation of Palestinian land. By doing so they have also avoided becoming targets for the international BDS movement.”

“The BDS campaign against two other French companies, Veolia and Alstom, which has led them to lose billions of dollars worth of contracts worldwide established a precedent for other multinational companies that complicity with Israel’s colonization of Palestinian land will come at a heavy cost.”

“The proactive role that the French government has played in this decision is especially welcome, coming off the back of coordinated action last year by EU governments to warn businesses about the risks of doing business that supports Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.”

“To be consistent with its own policies and legal obligations, the French government should now publicly oppose the participation of Veolia and Alstom in the Jerusalem Light Rail, which has been declared illegal by the UN Human Rights Council.”

“We urge any company considering getting involved in this cable car project not to put the interests of profits above human rights and adherence to international law and reiterate our call.”

“We urge all national and local governments to not contract and end existing contracts with Veolia and Alstom, and call on shareholders to divest from these companies, until they end their participation in these clear breaches of international law.”


Palestinian students call on Sussex University to vote for BDS

Mon, 23/03/2015 - 10:08pm

The Secretariat of Student Unions and Blocs in the Gaza Strip, a coordination of 12 student unions in Gaza, and the Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel‎, a Gaza based student group, are writing to strongly urge students at the University of Sussex to vote in favor of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) during the upcoming student union referendum.

Israel’s regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid policies has enormous impacts on our right to education and on Palestinian youth in general. Israel’s recent military assault on Gaza killed more than 2,168 Palestinians and injured over 10,895 people, and also destroyed many university buildings, schools, and other educational buildings. Restrictions on the freedom of movement and Israel’s brutal military occupation presents numerous challenges for Palestinian students in the West Bank. Palestinian students living inside Israel face discrimination at the hands of the Israeli universities at which they study. Israel’s control of borders makes it incredibly difficult for Palestinian students to take up offers to study overseas, especially for Palestinians living in Gaza, who are not allowed even to study at the universities of West Bank.

Support for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) is one of the most important steps that student unions internationally can take to stand with us in our struggle for our right to education and for freedom and justice.

By deciding not to sell Israeli products in student union shops, and by campaigning against European companies such as Veolia that help Israel to maintain its apartheid system, Sussex student union would be taking practical steps in solidarity with Palestinian students and youth, and making important contributions to efforts to end international support for Israel’s crimes.

As Palestinian student unions, we reject attempts by those that seek to defend Israel’s crimes to present their opposition to BDS as ‘progressive’ or based on ‘protecting the interests of Palestinians’. These attempts to undermine effective solidarity, including those that seek to promote the voices of those very few individual Palestinians that oppose BDS as somehow representative, are colonial in nature in that they seek to silence the voice of the overwhelming majority of Palestinian student unions and civil society as a whole, which is clear and unambiguous in its support for BDS.

We also wish to express our admiration and respect for student campaigners at the University of Sussex who have done so much to support BDS. When Sussex student union voted to boycott Israeli goods in 2009, it was one of the first student unions in the UK to do so. We hope that the student union at Sussex will continue to stand alongside the National Union of Students and the more than 20 other individual UK student unions that also support BDS and our struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

Israel votes for permanent occupation and apartheid – it must face international isolation

Thu, 19/03/2015 - 2:36pm

The far-right in Israel may have given prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu his election victory after he officially promised not to recognize any Palestinian state and his racist remarks on Palestinian citizens, but the victory margin of Likud and other extremist Zionist parties that deny basic Palestinian rights are further evidence of a decisive shift among Jewish-Israelis to the far-right camp, dropping any pretense of seeking a just peace, leading Palestinian civil society activists said today.

Israel’s final ditching of the so-called “peace process” sham should deny world governments any excuse for not imposing sanctions against Israel, starting with a long overdue military embargo.

The convincing victory of the so-called “national camp,” a coalition of settler movements, Likud and their fanatic right partners, is seen by most Palestinians as a strong vote for perpetual Israeli occupation, colonization and apartheid. It is also an opportunity to further isolate Israel, mainly through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as well as prosecution of Israeli war criminal at the International Criminal Court.

Mahmoud Nawajaa from the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the broad coalition of Palestinian civil society organisations that leads the global BDS movement, said:

“The true face of the Israeli establishment has been revealed to the world. By rejecting Palestinian statehood and declaring he will not enter into any meaningful negotiations with Palestinians, Netanyahu has removed any excuse for governments not to impose sanctions on Israel and end their support for its colonial and apartheid regime.”

“This is a victory of apartheid and colonialism that should be met with sanctions against Israel by world governments and the UN.”

“European and other governments have consistently excused their lack of meaningful action to hold Israel to account by saying they did not want to damage prospects for a ‘two-state’ solution. How can governments defend their inaction now that Netanyahu has effectively buried the two-state solution?”

Nawajaa said that Netanyahu’s use of racism and incitement in the closing stages of the election campaign unmasked the Israeli establishment:

“Netanyahu race baiting and fear mongering among Jewish Israelis have revealed how deeply seated and prevalent racism has become in Israel. More than any previous Israeli leader, Netanyahu has clearly shown that he only represents Jewish Israelis, considering the indigenous Palestinian citizens an enemy that must be feared, hated and combated.”

“Today, we call once more on supporters of freedom and justice across the world to join us in intensifying our efforts to boycott Israel and to push governments to impose sanctions against Israeli apartheid, just as South African apartheid was isolated.”

Omar Barghouti, a Palestinian human rights activist and a co-founder of the BDS movement, added:

“Israel, a belligerent nuclear power that completely disregards international law and basic human rights, will soon have its most fanatical government ever, with grave consequences for Palestinians as well as for world peace. Israel has dropped the mask.”

“The UN and world governments must take part of the blame for this victory by the far right. They have failed to hold Israel accountable to international law by imposing sanctions on it as was done against apartheid South Africa. They rejected pressure from world public opinion to stop Israel’s latest massacre in the besieged Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014 and its ongoing feverish colonization of the West Bank, especially in and around East Jerusalem and in the Jordan Valley. They were apathetic when Israel adopted even more extreme, racist laws that have further entrenched its regime of legalized and institutionalized racism which meets the UN definition of apartheid.”

“The biggest losers in the Israeli election are the Israeli right parties that wear left masks, like Labor and Tzipi Livni’s party. Both are guilty of cementing the occupation, the settlements and the apartheid regime, and both are guilty of grave war crimes against the Palestinian people. While rejecting the basic right to equality for Palestinians, both have managed to maintain a false façade of ‘moderateness’ and even ‘left’ tendencies. The mask has fallen. There is a Zionist consensus, with no exceptions, against equality for Palestinians in Israel, against the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their lands and homes from which they were ethnically cleansed, and against a real end to Israel’s unique system of occupation, colonization and apartheid.”

Palestine Power Generation Company withdraws from Israel gas deal

Sat, 07/03/2015 - 2:03pm

Occupied Palestine, 4 March 2015 — The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) welcomes the announcement by the board of directors of the Palestine Power Generation Company (PPGC) about the company’s “withdrawal a few months ago from the agreement with the developers of the [Israeli] Leviathan natural gas field” and the emphasis instead on using the “Palestinian natural gas off the coast of Gaza, out of its commitment to “national independence in the energy sector.”

PPGC had signed in early 2014 a memorandum of understanding with the Israeli-American “Delek-Noble” consortium to buy “Israeli gas” for the planned power plant near Jenin in the occupied Palestinian territory for a period of 20 years, at $ 1.2 billion.

The BNC, the largest coalition in Palestinian society and the reference for the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, considered this MOU as a strategic mistake that would further entrench Palestinian economic dependency on Israel and legitimize prospective Israeli gas deals with other Arab countries, particularly Jordan and Egypt.

In the absence of any public position by the Palestine company in regard to cancelling the deal with Israel, the BNC held a press conference on February 17, 2015 with the participation of leading political, legislative and civil society figures, demanding that the company and the Palestinian Authority end all efforts to import Israeli gas on national and strategic, economic and security grounds.

After the BNC press conference, key Palestinian business and political figures added their voices to those calling for the cancellation of the Israeli gas deal, a demand that has won wide popular support as well.

The BNC reiterates its principled and unwavering support for the large alliance in Jordan calling for cancelling efforts by the Jordanian government to import Israeli gas. This Jordanian alliance, in which Jordan BDS plays a pivotal role, has mobilized support from all the major trade unions, a majority of members of parliament and leading activists and civil society organizations against the gas deal with Israel.

The BNC also confirms that ending the Palestinian gas deal with Israel pulls the rug from under the feet of any Jordanian official supporting the purchase of “Israeli gas” under the pretext of “we shall not be more Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves.”

Mahmoud Nawajaah, BNC General Coordinator, commented: “The import of Israeli gas would contribute to entrenching our economic dependency on Israel and strengthen the Israeli economy at a time when Israel’s international isolation is growing.”

He added, “Israel is facing growing boycotts and divestments in the academic, cultural and even economic spheres with the steady and impressive mainstream spread of the global BDS movement. We appeal to our brethren in Egypt and Jordan to stop the Israeli gas import negotiations to deprive the Israeli regime of occupation and apartheid of this strategic windfall. “

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