Co-op banks ‘ethical’ reputation in tatters- ACT Now

Many of us have banked with the Co-op for years. We do so not because of their financial wizardry, but because of their reputation as an “ethical bank”. We need to think again.

Over recent weeks, the Co-op has decided to close accounts connected with Palestine.

In Sheffield, the PSC account, the Yorkshire Palestine Cultural Exchange account and the Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund (a Registered Charity) have all been given notice of closure.

Across the country, twenty accounts belonging to groups which support the Palestinian cause are to be closed, including national PSC. PSC’s legal challenge to the Co-op is in the pipeline.

The Co-op has decided to define accounts which support legitimate, morally valid work for justice as incompatible with their “risk appetite”. There is more than one kind of risk for a bank. What if all of us who currently bank with Co-op decide that their business is incompatible with our “ethical appetite”?

Use this guide to act now

The Scholarship Fund have issued this press release


Vigil in solidarity with Palestinian people

In the face of increasing colonialist violence, Palestinians continue to resist the occupation and ethnic cleansing. Shallow reporting in the main press ignores the illegality of the occupation and portrays the conflict as one between people of equal strength and rights.

Abut 70 people from Sheffield and Rotherham gathered at Sheffield Town Hall today in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of this renewed onslaught.


£1700 raised for Scholarship Fund this weekend

Two successful fundraising events this weekend in Sheffield and Saddleworth have raised £1700 towards scholarships for Palestinian women in Gaza.

In Sheffield, the Top Shelalas sang to a packed crowd at the Broomspring Centre, raising £800.

Saddleworth PWSF had an amazing fundraising event on Sunday 11 October. Over 70 people came to the event and heard a moving and powerful presentation by Dr Mona El-Farra from Gaza. Her description of life under occupation and of the resilience shown by Palestinians spoke to us all. We were also delighted to welcome our local MP, Debbie Abrahams, who also addressed the meeting.

Dr Mona El Farra and local MP Debbie Abrahams with Saddleworth PWSF supporters
Dr Mona El Farra and local MP Debbie Abrahams with Saddleworth PWSF supporters

We raised in the region of £950 (money is still coming in) and, as importantly, raised awareness of life under occupation and the challenges faced by women wishing to gain access to higher education

Our thank to everyone who supported the event’

Fair play for Palestine

Gathering for the March in Cardiff, Sunday 5th September
Gathering for the March in Cardiff, Sunday 5th September
An international presence at the Cardiff demo
An international presence at the Cardiff demo

About 1000 people marched in Cardiff on Sunday 6th September to protest at the Welsh FA hosting Israel in the European Championship qualifier. A great celebratory atmosphere, helped by the turn out and weather, and an i ternational presence.



The Big Riders

mona conducts ride
Mona Al Fara from Middle East Children’s Alliance greets the riders outside Sheffield Town Hall

Last Wednesday about 100 people greeted the 120 riders of the big ride at the Town Hall.

A long wait – their seemed to be a negative time warp as the riders made their way from Meadowhall – and then suddenly they showered in.

The final leg from Barnsley to Sheffield is captured here on You Tube

Pictures from Edinburgh to Sheffield can be found here.


Elbit factory arrests

Sheffield PSC banner outside Elbit
Sheffield PSC banner outside Elbit

Five cars carried 25 people from Sheffield to protest at the Elbit factory in Shenstone near Lichfield.  The factory is an Israeli firm that makes engines for drones.  Drones killed over a thousand Palestinians in Gaza last year.

We went down to close the factory.