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Members of the Sumarin family pose for a photo at their East Jerusalem home, March 23, 2018.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

Stop the JNF UK is calling on you to write to your MP as matter of urgency, to prevent an Israeli court approving the expulsion of a Palestinian family from its home East Jerusalem. It is better to use your own wording, below is ours. Your MP can be found here. You will need your post code. Stress you are a constituent. Ask for a reply and give your e-mail address.

Dear …………………………………………..On 30th June, a Palestinian family of 18 members, is likely to face an Israeli court order approving their eviction. The Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) is seeking to take over their house. This  takes on added signficance coming, as it does, in the context of the Israeli government declaring its intention to annex large parts of the West Bank.  An international mobilisation in support of the family will  send  a clear message that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians through the annexation of their lands and confiscation of their houses have to be met by the British government imposing sanctions against Israel.       

Rabbis for Human Rigths is leading the international protest against the JNF’s effort to evict the Sumreen family. Rabbi Michael Marmur, one of its leading figures, has written:    

“The Sumreen family lives in Silwan. Since 1991 they have been involved in a legal strugglewith the Jewish National Fund, backed by the settler group Elad and various other agencies committed to consolidating the Jewish presence in Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem. These groups have been trying to have the Sumreens evicted by arguing that some members of the family were “absentees” – that is, civilians who lived in an enemy country – as a result of which their property was confiscated by the state, which then sold it to the JNF.

This claim is centered on an aggressive and controversial interpretation of the Absentees’ Property Law of 1950. After many twists and turns, aJerusalem court ruled in September that not only must the family leave, but that they must also pay considerable damages. As the court battle continues, earlier this month, a judge decided the family could stay in the house while they appeal the ruling.

While the JNF says it is only trying to protect its property, it is acting as a proxy for settler groups in this and similar cases.”

I am asking you to publicly support the Sumarin Campaign

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