Trial starts in Stafford

All five activists who occupied and closed down an Elbit Systems factory for at least two weeks pleaded on Monday 19th October not guilty today at Stafford Crown court. The judge refused to lift bail conditions, in spite of the activists arguing in court that the conditions interfered with their right to protest. The Judge’s ruling on bail serves to protect the war criminal Elbit “business” & enable its illegal activities to continue. Their Crown court trial has been set for 17th May 2021.
Outside court the activists spoke out again – ‘We cannot rely on the UK establishment, who have shown not only today but for over one-hundred years, that they favour colonisation, military occupation and war-profiteering. They will continue to allow war criminals to operate here in the UK in direct opposition to international law and human rights.
It is for people across this country to use their privilege, to take a stand, to put themselves on the line. Now is the time to take power into our own hands and to #ShutElbitDown for good!’
Please help by contributing to the the arrested protesters’ legal expense

Several members of Sheffield PSC attended the rally outside the Stafford Court, taking with them a banner highlighting the complicity between the RAF UK, who pay Elbit systems to train UK pilots, and the war crimes committed by the Israeli state, using Elbit’s weaponry.

At the same time, Sheffield PSC also held a solidarity rally outside Sheffield Crown Court. See: Sheffield Solidarity with the Shenstone Elbit 5
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