Rally, Town Hall: 51 Day War on Gaza, 12 o’clock Saturday 1st August

Remembering the dead of the attack on Gaza 2014
Vigil August 1st 12 noon Sheffield Town Hall

Commemorating the dead and injured of the 51 Day War on Gaza
From 8th July 2014, the Israeli military bombed Gaza, the most densely populated region the world for 51 days. It carried out 6,000 airstrikes and fired approximately 50,000 tank and artillery shells killing 2200 civilians, injuring more than 11,000. In addition, 17 hospitals and 50 primary health centers were damaged, and 6 hospitals and 28 primary health clinics had to close altogether.
Palestinian armed groups rockets and mortars towards Israel killed 6 civilians. Henry Siegman former national director of the American Jewish commented at the time: “Israel’s assault on Gaza.. was not triggered by Hamas’ rockets directed at Israel but by Israel’s determination to bring down the Palestinian unity government that was formed in early June,
even though that government was committed to honoring all of the conditions imposed by the international community for recognition of its legitimacy.”